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Slow Juicer Singapore

At Last! Healthier, Delicious

Better Quality Juices Anytime You Want

With Our World Class Slow Juicer…

Revolutionary 2016 New Alpha Chamber Design
Will Turn Other Juicers on The Market Upright!


Hurom Slow Juicer is one of the best juicer ever! The juicer completely squeezes the juices out of fruits, vegetables, wheat grass, and  just about everything including making ice-creams.

While this Slow Juicer to many people are considered pricey. I highly recommend that you consider getting a slow juicer because of the performance and features it offers! Hurom warranty 10 years for their product that no other Slow Juicer can offer.

Hurom definitely outperform other regular brands which may be cheaper for as low as $395 or less. The fact is there is no point getting a regular juicer which does not yield quality juices. You are actually wasting money due to the wastage each time you juice them. Even though the fruits and vegetables are fresh, if you can’t get the right quality of enzymes and nutrients out of it, you are actually spending more money.

Do a side by side comparison to look at the difference in the quality of the juices!

How is it possible to get such different results from the same vegetable for example the tomato? With standard high speed juicers, nutrients & enzymes of the juice are more easily destroyed…while the slow juicer keeps the enzymes alive in your juice!

Introducing 2016 NEW HAA-2600
2nd Generation New Alpha Chamber

Hurom HAA-2600 Rose Gold

What’s NEW with Hurom H-AA2600 (H26) Slow Juicer? Available on Singapore market from August 2016.

This new model brings you elegance at new heights incorporating smooth curves that becomes slimmer in the back, even more slimmer than previous models. Both aesthetically appealing and functional, making it easy to move around.

HAA-2600 model is designed with all new Alpha Chamber that comes with these features:

– The new auger and drum design improves the overall operation and juice extraction efficiency.

– It features a new transparent hopper so now you can see your fruits and vegetables move into the chamber.

– The spinning brush speed is reduced to 17 RPM to prevent over-flowing and foam build up while the auger continues to stay at 43RPM.


Retail Price: $888
Colour: Black Gold, Rose Gold & Red

To order whatsapp Jenny: hp: 81823325.  Self Collect/Home Delivery available.


Hurom Juicer preserves more vitamins & more antioxidants using their patented Low Speed Type Screw(LSTS) technology.This machine allows you & your family to enjoy more flavorful and delicious juice EVERYDAY.


Call Ms Jenny (65) 81823325 for delivery.

Alternatively please self pickup (cash payment) at our office (STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY).

Terms of Payment: Cash on delivery (Cheque acceptable)


WHY BUY FROM US? We are Authorized Dealers

Authentic Hurom bought from us bears the “Safety Mark” sticker. You enjoy 10 years warranty and purchase of hurom parts at anytime.

You can find Hurom juicers from overseas vendors online (although it’s cheaper) but do take note that we are not responsible for the repairs and purchase of parts for machines that is not bought from Singapore distributor.


Update: 1st October 2016


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