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Hurom slow juicer has been featured everywhere on TV and magazines all over the world!


Organic Spa Magazine says:

….crushing and pressing foods-resulting in a rich colored, vitamin-packed juice….


Organic Spa Magazine


Happy Hurom Customer:

I’m very glad that I chose to buy my slow juicer. To me, it is the best of both worlds between choosing the regular juicing Jack Lalanne and Philips. Don’t let the word slow fool you, it is not a “slow juicer” but actually a fast juicer, very EASY to clean up, fun & simple to use, I’m just glad I finally decided to have it. Now I get lots of juice in a relatively short time, which is so great. The machine works efficiently as it juices greens vegetables e.g. kale flawlessly juicing cucumbers, apples, and other fruits. The pulp is rather dry. I love the 10 years warranty, too.

I have used Jack Lalanne, Philips. If I did not come across any of them…knowing what I know now, I will definitely choose either the Omega or a Hurom.


P.s.  Slow Juicer is also capable of juicing wheatgrass, which I am trying to try next, so that’s a bonus too. So far my best investment and I am glad that I bought this machine! To read more, visit

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