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Introducing the LATEST Hurom Chef that comes with a better auger design for better efficiency and with lower motor speeds, the best juicer now has it all!

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For your ultimate pleasure and satisfaction, Hurom Chef offers the most innovative functions, as it can now knead, grind and make you pasta! Simply put, the latest juicer tops them all as one of the most innovative kitchen appliance you can have for yourself.Model: HGH-1000

Are you making…

  • Soups,
  • Nut butters,
  • Dips,
  • Smoothies,
  • Baby foods,
  • And so on?

There is no problem with Hurom Chef that do it all for you! Every single food you can imagine is now in one box.

BUT with its versatility in food preparation, the slow juicer is/has,

    • Whisper quiet
    • BPA-free
    • One-touch drum release
    • Includes up to five different levels of pressure adjustment
    • 10-year maker warranty


So, what do you get with Hurom Chef?

      • Healthy lifestyle: In this world full of toxins and products filled with chemicals, eating a healthful diet is what you need to keep out illnesses. As you know, what you eat can indicate the type of health condition you get. Without even saying, this slow juicer works wonders in terms of keeping you off illnesses by eating only freshly prepared food and stating away from heavily processed ones, which do not have the natural taste and the nutrients we enjoy.

>>4 Appliances in ONE Powerful Slow Juicer<<<

      • Juicing action: If you’re looking to make the purest and freshest juices for yourself and your family, then the Hurom Chef is what’s for you. It makes you the best tasting and most nutrition packed juices from kale, wheat grass and vegetables, including beetroot and carrots, to name some. You will be amazed of the results, just like what others have already did.
      • Grinding action: The slow juicer won’t be the best for nothing, and it is definitely the most superior of all with its unique grinding technology in making fish cakes, tacos, baby foods and your favorite condiments. You don’t need a separate grinding machine to make you any of these, but just the Hurom Chef.
      • Kneading action: Do you also love to bake healthy goodies, cookies and cakes for your family? Don’t sweat! Enjoy baking, as you never did before with this machine that works best for your kneading requirements, too.
      • Pasta making action: Well, you sure are a foodie and there is no doubt you also love pasta, don’t you? There is no stressing this time around with the Hurom Chef that works miracles for you when it comes to creating various pasta sizes, including flat, thin and thick.
BONUS: Do you love making milk alternatives? Now you can, minus the hassles! With the Hurom Chef, you will have all the opportunity in the world to making rice milk, soymilk and almond milk, among other types of milk from the foods you love. Save money, while accommodating each of your family member’s milk demands.

And because making milk alternatives with this machine can be done in less than one minute, you can create as many doses per day to ensure fresh milk is prepared each time.

Alternatively, you can make several glasses and store it in the fridge for the day’s consumption.


      • MODEL: GH Chef
      • Weight: 6 kilograms
      • Measurements: 163 x 345 x 424 mm (WDH)
      • Voltage is between 230V & 240V
      • Wattage: 150W
      • RPM: 80
      • Rated usage is less than 30 minutes, continuous
      • Cord length: 1.4 meters
      • Certified by C/CE Tick
      • Motor type: Single phase induction
      • Manufacturer warranty: 10 Years

What’s in the box?

      • Ultem juicing strainer
      • User manual
      • Drum
      • Auger: Ultem screw for squeezing
      • Mincing blank strainer
      • Pressure cap for adjustment
      • Cover for the chute
      • Food pusher
      • Two collection bowls
      • Cleaning brush
      • Motor body
      • Four pasta nozzles
      • Hopper
      • Drum cap
      • Recipe book

If you’re envisioning giving the best health for yourself and for your family, get the latest slow juicer from Hurom & be the first to experience its wonderful benefits.

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