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Hurom can also give you healthy and delicious wheatgrass juice. What is the right way to prepare especially leafy greens like wheatgrass for juicing in the Hurom?

Firstly you cut the wheatgrass into 2?-3? in length. As you know the wheatgrass is very thin so add in bunches and not one piece at a time. In order to lower the intensity of the wheatgrass, you can either add green apple or oranges with the wheatgrass.

Enjoy your wheatgrass juice!


wheat grass juice



You may notice that some leafy greens with “strings” especially celery and pandan leaves that they can clog Hurom – you can remedied by adding carrot or other fibrous vegetables which then help clears the mechanism.

Wet leaves will not pass through the juicer that well as drier leaves, so pat it dry using a kitchen towel before inserting leafy green into the Hurom.