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Hurom HG600 Stainless Steel Review

Hurom HG 600 (Stainless Steel)

Buying a new juicer for your home is not as easy as clicking the “Buy” button because you have to consider several factors that you will have to look into to make a good decision. One of the best juicers in town is the Hurom HG 600.  Based from consumer and critic reviews, it possesses great features and a sturdy built to last a lifetime. Check out more below to see if this juicer deserves a second look.

What Is the Hurom HG 600?

Known as the HF-SBF06, the product is included in the HF series.

It has the latest front-end parts of a juicer but they come with some slight modifications when it comes to the design of the body as well as the materials used in finishing.

Critics revealed that they have seen improvements in the performance, functionality and strength of the overall juicer, but the Hurom HG 600 comes with a completely new set of features that prove notable.

  • Comes with a new brushed stainless steel motor housing
  • Comes with a zero drip juice valve that offers less mess and better portion measurement as well as a better mixing feature and an easier way of cleaning the machine
  • Has two pieces of ultem juicing screens; one is coarse (soft fruits) and one is fine (vegetables and hard fruits)
  • Comes with two pieces of cleaning brushes that make it easier to clean
  • Includes a larger 500 milliliter of juice bowl that comes with gradations that offer exact measuring for juice quantity before a serving is dispensed
  • Comes with a 10 years domestic warranty for its induction motor while 1 year for other parts
  • Has zero BPA components, making it totally safe
  • Has an excellent modern design


hurom hu600



The Science of Hurom HG600

This machine’s perfect juice valves mean that you can get up to 500 milliliter of juice that can rinse more nutrients coming from the pulp while it is grounded up using the juicing screw or Ultem auger. It also means perfect juice all the time because the machine can mix all the ingredients of your juice cocktail well to come up with less froth or foam when the final product has been dispensed via the non-drip juice valve.

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to juice, there is no doubt that, this juicer should be part of your list, especially if you want to save time and to make juicing easier. You will not meet any hassles for choosing the Hurom HG 600 that comes with the best features and design that will not take up much space in your countertop.

Another thing notable of the Hurom HG 600 is that it comes with a metal motor housing that makes it a lustrous and elegant machine to have in your kitchen. It also comes with a solid and durable feel than any other plastic versions of the Hurom brand.

The brand has also changed juicing by introducing the vertical juicing method, by changing location of the mechanism for juicing at the top of the extractor and by including a strainer that comes with a bigger surface are, allowing faster passing through of the juice. More so, the Hurom HG 600 can make one liter of juice in only fifty percent less the time, better than any other horizontal juicers. In addition, this latest product offers faster juice processing time. It also allows you to store the juice for up to 48 hours without losing the juice’s nutrients.

With the juicing mechanism located on top of the machine, means that the fruit or vegetable you put into it will self-feed because the screw can work to draw the food in to eliminate any need for a food pusher. More so, the juice strainer and the screw for squeezing are made from the ultem material of GE that makes it safe and BPA free. With that, these parts are also stronger by up to eight times than any other traditional materials used by other juicers. Therefore, you can look forward to a durable machine and that you can seldom find any broken parts.

What Else Make the Hurom HG 600 Unique?

It also comes with a silicone wiper that can rotate between the strainer and the bowl when cleaning the interior for any excess pulp, allowing you to prevent your machine from clogging or blocking up. In addition, it has the zero drip juice valve as well as a cap on the outlet for the juice that provides you more advantages than using any of the previous models that came without these features.

Should You Get Hurom HG 600?

Based from the design, features and overall built, the product is worth the investment. Any homemaker looking for the best investment to have in the kitchen can get this strong and efficient juicer from Hurom.


The Technical Specifications (HG600 Premium)

Hurom SSS™ Technology Yes
Juice cap Yes
Recipe Book Yes (In English)
Juicing bowl material BPA Free
Strainers 2
Accessories 2 Jugs (Juice jug with cover) & Cleaning Brush
Rated Voltage 230 – 240 volts
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Power Consumption 150W
Motor Speed 43 rpm
Cord Length 4.5 ft (1.4m)
Motor Single-phase induction motor
Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 260m x 162mm x 398mm (WxLxH)
Rated Usage.Operating Hour Less than 30 minutes continuously
Warranty 10 years on motor, 1 year on parts (due to manufacturing defect)
Colour Silver (Stainless Steel Body)


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