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Hurom HU-500

The Hurom brand has seen great advancements over the last few years, and the introduction of the Hurom model HU500 juicer is testament to this. This model is also denoted as Hurom juicer HE-DBE04. The innovation behind this design has made the juicer a top choice for many restaurants and institutions as well as individuals who are keen on leading a healthy lifestyle. There are many features which make this juicer a top model, and all this can be traced back to the ingenuity that has been used. Its powerful action enables the user to produce the highest quality of healthy juice.

What are some of the features of the Hurom model HU500?

The first and perhaps most important feature of the new Hurom model is the fact that it has been made using BPA free material. This is in sharp contrast with conventional juicers which make use of plastic materials that have a profound negative effect on an individual’s health over a long period of time.

The second feature of the Hurom model HU500 is that it uses a vertical auger, and this has the result of making it easier to add the foods to be juiced. This is actually a patented technology, making it the first of its kind. With this innovation, users who would like to try out all types of foods that can be juiced will have fun with this unique juicer. Whether you would like your leafy vegetables in juice form, or would want to try that out with herbs or succulent fruits, this model will make for an interesting experience.

The Hu500 is also equipped with a safety fuse whose sole purpose is to prevent damage to the juicer. How does this work? The fuse is triggered when excess foods are placed in the juicer, and the motor turns off automatically. In the event that the motor switches off, it is imperative to switch to reverse mode albeit for a few seconds. This fixes the problem, except in cases where hard root vegetables have been fed into the juicer.

There is another new feature in the Hurom model HU500, and this has everything to do with the juice flap. The function of the juice flap is to seal the juice outlet and allow the flavors of the mixture to blend in perfectly. Once blending is complete, the juice is ready to serve. This is in addition to the Slow Squeezing System which ensures an easier and faster juicing procedure.

This new model is more than simply a juicer. This is due to the fact that you can make a whole range of healthy mixtures and smoothies, including soy based drinks, nut based drinks and rice based drinks just to mention a few. In addition, the juicer uses a technique known as cold press juicing. This means that instead of using the blades as is the case in juicers which use centrifugal forces, Hurom model HU500 squeezes the food content thus preserving the nutritional value of the specific food. This is the attribute which causes this model to produce high quality juice which remains viable up to 48 hours later (under refrigeration conditions).

Some of the technical details of the Hurom model HU500 include:

•  A top speed of 70 rounds per minute

•  Voltage of 220-240V

•  Power consumption of just about 150 watts

•  The length of the cord is 1.4 meters, and this gives you ample space to work with

•  The weight of the juicer is 6.1kg

•  Lastly, the rated usage is half an hour at any given time


I receive many calls asking for more information on our HE-DBE04 (or HU500) model and I like you to refer the video below which will answer most of your queries.




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