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Hurom Hu700 Review

Investing on health is one of the greatest thing you can do for yourself and your family. With health and wellness, wealth, happiness and peace will come hand in hand. If you want to start living a healthy and happy life with your family, you may want to start juicing. In today’s review, learn about Hurom 700 and the reasons that people are raving to get it.Special Promotion

Hurom hu700

Hu700 Hurom’s Top Seller Model

It’s called the Boss Juicer for its supreme juicing and masticating power. No fruit or vegetable is hard enough for it not to process. It works with the patented feature—Slow Squeezing System (SSS). It combines the best systems to produce only the highest quality of juices that will allow you to get the full benefits of fruits, vegetables and food. If you would use Hurom 700, you can make sure that you will be able to preserve all the nutrients and taste that juices contain.

hurom hu700What Can You Get from Hurom 700?

  • If you would invest on the juicer, you will be able to get the full and large juice bowl, parts, ultem strainer (coarse and fine juicing), 10 motor warranty and 1-year parts warranty. It also comes with the patented pulp outlet plug and outlet cap.
  • The Hurom juicing machine works with maximum pulp control with the pulp outlet plug, a component of silicon valve that allows the pulp to flow freely into the juice or that can prevent it from doing so. You can get a pulp-free juice all the time.
  • It comes with a large 500-ml capacity of juicing bowl, making it suitable to work for commercial or residential juicing needs. People may use it in cafés, bars and health retreats, among other places.
  • The Hurom 700 is very easy to clean and maintain. It comes with great minimal parts, vertical design, a large feeding shoot to ensure fast and efficient juicing.
  • Hurom juicer works to produce the highest juicing yields. You can juice all types of food, ranging from celery, oranges, beetroots and carrots, among others. Hurom 700 is the best choice among people looking to produce the highest yield of cold pressed juice. Get the enzymes and nutrients from food with the powerful juicing machine.
  • It works very quietly! You don’t need to worry about anything at all when using the juicer that functions without you noticing it. It comes with a silent operation function to help you juice without making much noise.
  • Hurom 700 is a space saver. It does not take up much kitchen countertop space!
  • Made in South Korea


Overall Dimensions:

Footprint: 167mm x 237mm (depth)

Collection Jug: 120mm x 90mm

Operational height: 398mm

Hurom SSS™ Technology Yes
Jucice cap Yes
Receipe Book Yes (In English)
Juicing bowl material BPA Free
Strainers 2
Accessories 2 Jugs (Juice jug with cover) & Cleaning Brush
Rated Voltage 230 – 240 volts
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Power Consumption 150W
Motor Speed 43 rpm
Cord Length 4.5 ft (1.4m)
Motor Single-phase induction motor
Weight 6.2 kg (13.6 lb)
Dimensions 249mm x 171mm x 398mm (WxLxH)
Rated Usage.Operating Hour Less than 30 minutes continuously
Warranty 10 years on motor, 1 year on parts (due to manufacturing defect)
Colour Silver

Absolutely, Hurom 700 is one of the best juicers around with so much power and efficiency! If you want to get all the health-giving enzymes and nutrients from food, get your Hurom juicer today. It can work wonders for you in all your juicing needs. What’s best about it is that it is trusted and used worldwide, so there are no worries at all.

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hurom hu700

WHY BUY FROM US? We are Authorized Dealers

Authentic Hurom bought from us bears the “Safety Mark” sticker. You enjoy 10 years warranty and purchase of hurom parts at anytime.

You can find Hurom juicers from overseas vendors online (although it’s cheaper and no 10years warranty) but do take note that we are not responsible for the repairs and purchase of parts for machines that is not bought from Singapore distributor.


Update: 12 November 2018



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