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Hurom Slow Juicer – Usage And Assembly

Here are the Hurom Slow Juicer usage and assembly instruction.


1. Place the strainer into the spinning brush.


2. Place the strainer + spinning brush into the bowl.

– Be sure to align the red dot on top of the strainer and the red dot on top of the bowl. When two dots are properly aligned, strainer should lock into the bowl preventing it from moving around.


3. Place squeezing screw inside the strainer and rotate until it falls into place.


4. Assemble the hopper onto the bowl.

– Be sure to align the arrow on the Hopper to the red dot on top of the strainer and bowl, and twist to close so that the arrow is pointing to the "Close" position.


5. Assemble the entire Top Set onto the base.

– As shown below, once the Top Set is put on the base, twist the whole Top Set so that

the hopper edge is pointing to the "Close" sign on the base.




Assembly Instruction


1. Plug in the unit.

2. Place containers under both ejections. (Juice & pulp ejection)

Underneath the bowl, there is a yellow rubber pad called the Extraction packing which

allows all of the juice to only discharge from the juice outlet. Before juicing, please

make sure the Extraction packing is plugged in completely to prevent any leakage.



How to Use


1. Hurom has three settings.

a. "On" starts motor/makes juice

b. "Rev" reverses motor and is to be used only when food is stuck

c. "Off" stops motor/turns off unit


2. Inputting food into Hurom:

a. Rinse food thoroughly before juicing.

b. Be sure to cut food into pieces no larger than 2 inches for optimal extraction, and

remove any large hard seeds.

c. Turning "On" the Hurom, drop food into feeding tube. Do not push, force, or overstuff. The pusher provided is only to use when food becomes stuck. Insert food at a slow pace, allowing all the pulp to extract.


3. Turn "Off" after use.