Hurom is also called a SLOW juicer and it has different operating instructions compare to a regular high-speed juicers.

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Slow Juicer – User Instruction

For best results, please take note of the following:

–  Do not input ice or hard frozen fruit.

–  Remove any hard seeds from fruits before juicing. Violating this warning may cause serious damage especially to the squeezing screw.

–  Hard nuts and beans should be soaked in warm water for at least 4 hours before grinding with some water.

–  Use only the plunger that comes with the machine. Never stick knives, chopsticks or forks etc into the hopper.

–  If the machine gets stuck or stops while juicing, turn it off and press ‘reverse’ for a few seconds. Press ‘on’ again to continue operation.

–  Check that the yellow rubber stopper underneath the juicing bowl is securely closed before starting to juice.

–  Cut up fruits/vegetables into length no larger than 2 inches for optimal extraction. – Drop food into feeding tube. Do not push or force down. The pusher provided is only to use if food becomes stuck.

–  Insert food at a slow pace, allowing all the pulp to extract. For maximum efficiency, do not overcrowd or rush.

–  When juicing leafy greens, it is suggested that you mix it with fruits for optimal results.

–  For easier cleaning after you have finished your juicing, pour water through the juicing bowl while the motor is running to do the ‘self-cleaning’ function. Let the motor run for a short while until the water runs clear through the juicing bowl.

Stop the motor and then disassemble the juicing bowl for thorough cleaning.


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