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When you start to integrate juicing into your diet and lifestyle, you will feel and look better – and unwanted fats will melt away. Why is it so? The answer is simple. Vegetable and fruit juices are fat-free and they have few calories. It supply you with all the nutrients our body needs and it satisfy hunger pangs and craving for sweets.


Lose Weight Juicing


weight loss juicingThe most effective way to slim down and lose weight is to eat less food and choose the type of food we eat. You should alter your eating habit and include more fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink a daily glass of fruit juice or green smoothies to start your day and eat a wholesome breakfast. The juices you drink will provide you with enough nutrients to see you through the day if accompanied by some light, low-fat meals high in fiber.


Don’t Forget Exercise


Using juices to help you curb appetite and help you lose weight is effective only if you also include some exercise regularly. Commit to a good 20 minutes walk every day, join aerobics class or find a partner for regular games and even swimming at least once a week.


To understand why so many of us are struggling with the extra fat and an inability to keep them off I think it has to do with the general diet and our lifestyle. Most of us concentrate on meats and dairy products and tend to ignore fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes – the components of a healthy diet.


weight loss juicing You may be wondering why juicing is so important and why can’t we just eat the food. Well, juicing is the most helpful thing you can do for your body nutritionally. When we eat our body takes some time to process the food completely from the time of ingestion to elimination. Our body extracts a small amount of the valuable juice from the fiber. A large percentage is locked in the fiber that is expelled from the body. But when you juice, high concentrated nutrients enter your bloodstream very quickly as your body do not need to extract the juice from the fiber.


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