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Amazing Benefits Of Carrot Juice By Norman Walker

Researching A Better Life For You Since 1910
Dr Norman W Walker is recognized throughout the world as one of the most authoritative students of life, health and nutrition. For almost 70 years, Dr Walker has researched man’s ability to live a longer, healthier life. He is his own example of achieving vibrant health through proper thought, diet and body care.

Dr Walker has found his “secret” to a long, healthy, productive life and offers you the opportunity to share “The Possible Dream” through his internationally famous books on health and nutrition.


ABC Juice: What Happens When You Mix Apples, Beet & Carrots
A Tonic that destroys all disease!

If you juice beets, carrots and apples in a juicer, you’ll get an incredible juice that can eliminate almost any known disease! This powerful mixture has gained a lot of popularity over the years, thanks to its incredible effects. It originated in traditional Chinese medicine centuries ago as a natural treatment for lung cancer, but later it was found that it can be used against any disease…

These 3 juices was what I gave my mom when she was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer 10 years ago. She is 84 years old now (2019).


Build Up Red Corpuscles of The Blood & Tone Up Blood Generally

“Beets are one of the most valuable juices for helping to build up the red corpuscles of the blood and tone up the blood generally. While the actual content of iron in red beets is not high, it is of a quality that furnishes excellent food for the red corpuscles of the blood.

The greatest virtue of the chemical elements in the beet is the fact that more than 50% is sodium, while the calcium content is only about 5%. The 20% potassium content furnishes the general nourishment for all the physiological functions of the body, while the 8% content of chlorine furnishes a splendid organic cleanser of the liver, kidneys and gall bladder, also stimulating the activity of the lymph throughout the entire body.”


Nature’s Perfect Mineral Water


Live Healthier, Live Longer

Using the Juicer you get a power punch packed with essential minerals, vitamins, nutrients that are sure to please everyone and even kids. Your hair will shine and skin will glow like never before with a juicer machine.