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Juicing or blending your food? Which is a better choice? Recently, juicing is just starting to become popular. Because of this, many people are still unaware of the proper way to juice. A common problem when it comes to juicing is whether to use a juicer or a blender when juicing. This is probably because many think that a juicer and blender is the same.

One should realize that these two appliances serve different purposes. For one, juicers are capable of extracting the juice from the food’s fiber. When you use a blender to juice, it will chop and break down everything you put into it, including the seeds, skins, flesh and pith.

On the other hand, using a juicer to juice will give you the advantage of separating the juice from its fibers. It will make the digestive process faster and effective.

Most of the time, it is advisable to use a masticating juicer. if you want to get all the benefits of juicing. However, some juicing routines require the use of a blender. In particular, a blender should be used when making a smoothie kind of juice drink. Juicing low-water content foods may also require the use of a blender. This is because low-water content foods, such as bananas and avocados, cannot be properly juiced when using a juicer. At this point, you may need to juice the produce from a blender first then incorporate it with the juice extracted from a juicer.

why juicingJuicing is a smart choice to prevent starvation caused by malnutrition. In order to be successful, you need the right tools, such as a juicer. A juicing machine is created to extract all the nourishment from the produce giving you pure and healthy juice drinks. Sometimes, a blender is mistaken for a juicer. This is a common misconception among many people. It is important, however, to realize that these two have different functions. Although a blender may also be used when juicing, you should focus on using a juicer for common juice recipes.

An interesting article asserts that starvation has two types. The first type is the one that we are familiar with, which occurs when a person consumes little to no food. The second type of starvation is the one caused by grave malnutrition. Most people do not realize is that they are already experiencing the second type of starvation. One good example for this is the Americans. People from the United States are considered the fattest in the world. Despite this fact, Americans are still lacking the essential nourishment that their body needs causing them to become malnutrition.

The reason why most people are fat, yet starving from nutrition, is because they continue to eat non-nutritious foods.

This is primarily the reason why turning to raw food diet makes total sense. Eating raw foods will provide all the nutrients that your body needs. However, living in the modern world gives us all the pressure and constraints to eat raw foods regularly.

This is why juicing is also beneficial. By spending a few minutes of your time to drink your juice, you are giving your body all the nourishment it requires without the hassle of chewing and swallowing.


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