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Slow Juicer Reviews

Hurom Slow Juicer was featured in ‘Simple Her’ magazine in October 2011.

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Hurom Slow Juicer Featured in 'Simply Her'

My personal review – The slow juicer I have is the greatest juicer available. For the past years I bought three other centrifugal juicers but none has changed my mind about the superiority of slow juicer. But the more important than juicer is the quality of the juice.

Hurom HAA-2600 I came across the Hurom & Omega after searching for a good juicer online I didn’t think twice to get the juicer after I compared the size of the other similar designs’ motor side by side. I have never been more satisfied with its performance.

First of all, the slow juicer is very appealing and because of its sleek design, it is actually a great kitchen appliance. It is designed in a way that you can make all kinds of juices without the need to disassemble and cleaning the machine each time when switching from fruits to vegetables or from vegetables to fruits. You simply pour water into the chute and let the machine self-clean itself.

The juicer is the best in providing the nutrients to our body needs from day to day. The proof is that the pulp is very dry and there is more quantity of juice produced than any of the previous juicers I have used. The Low Speed Technology method is truly unique in slow juicers, different from original grinding method. Its minimal waste means you also achieves maximum nutrients, vitamins and taste from minimum amount of fruits and vegetables using squeezing rather than grinding.

Another benefit that I enjoy using the slow juicer is I can pretty much use it to juice any fruit or vegetable to my heart’s content. Whether it is soft or hard, the powerful yet quiet motor can easily produce high quality tasting and nutrient filled health drinks. It has a carrying handle that I find very handy and portable when lifting and cleaning each time I use it. It is one of the most practical and high performing juicers out in the market today.

The price may look steep but when you think of how often you will use it to make healthy juices for yourself and all in the family, its value is obvious.

Today, my family and I have benefited from taking juices. I have seen my mom regained her health from a serious illness and I’m passionate about spreading the great benefits juicing have to offer.

I really hope you will choose a good juicer so you can start on the path to a healthier juice diet.


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