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Over the years, I have tried and tested different blenders, juicers and other kitchen appliances to create the perfect all in one health drink. I have spent so much in finding the best because I put value to my health. Money is really not an issue to me when it comes to my body because we only get to live once.

When I came across the Hurom juicer I didn’t think twice to get myself one and I have never been more satisfied with its performance. First of all, the Hurom is very appealing and because of its sleek design, it is actually a great addition to my kitchen.

The machine is the best in proving the nutrients my body needs from day to day. The proof that it’s getting the most juice from any fruit or vegetable is that the pulp is so dry and there is more quantity of juice produced than any of the previous juicers I have used combine.

Hurom hu700

Hurom Juicer

I am certain that my body is replenished with all the vitamins and minerals that are produced by the juicer. The slow juicing technology that is truly unique in Hurom, make sure that no part of the fruit or vegetable will be left unused. Its minimal waste actually helps me save more money. Another benefit that I enjoy from my machine is I can pretty much use it to juice any fruit or vegetable to my heart’s content. Whether it is soft or hard, the powerful yet very quiet motor can easily produce high quality tasting and nutrient filled health drinks. Another thing that I truly love about the juicer is that it is very handy and portable. I like to travel a lot so during my vacations, I take it with me so that every day I make sure I nourish my body from the juices that this really amazing kitchen appliance produces.

It is featured with a self-cleaning system which lessens my work load with the clean up after I use it. It’s definitely worth it as long as you value your health and wellness. It’s one of the most practical and high performing juicers out in the market today. Today, I am fit and healthy and I’m so passionate about spreading the great benefits the Hurom slow juicer has to offer.


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